• 1. Ho Chi Minh Brain Bee

    In the regional round, participants from HCMC will compete against each other. The winner will be given an opportunity to participate in the national round.

  • 2. Vietnam Brain Bee

    In the national round, winners of the regional rounds will compete against each other. This national round will be more competitive as the participants will equally aim for the ticket to the international round.

    However, this round is yet to be established since the competition has not been organized in other regions this year. If you are interested in running a Brain Bee local chapter in your region, feel free to contact us!

    We hope to see Brain Bee chapters in other major regions of Vietnam (Ha Noi, Da Nang, etc.) to give Vietnamese youths opportunities to expand their interest in neuroscience.

  • 3. International Brain Bee

    In the Brain Bee World Championship, national winners will compete against each other, thus each participant will duel with the most ingenious minds across the world. Who will be the champion?

    Unfortunately, Vietnam currently has only one regional round and no national round, therefore we are not qualified enough to advance to the International Brain Bee. Again, Brain Bee HCMC needs your help! Contact us if you are interested in forming another regional Brain Bee.



First Place
$120 AirPods, 600,000VND cash, "How The Brain Works" book
Internship position at Science lab of International University. Brain Health Lab consists of Vietnam’s leading neuroscience researchers who seek to support future neuroscientists in Vietnam.

Second Place
$120 Airpods, “How the Brain Works” book and 300,000VND in cash

Third Place
$120 Airpods, “How the Brain Works” book and 100,000VND in cash

Top 10
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