The primary goal of the IBB is to motivate students to learn about the brain and to inspire them to pursue careers in neuroscience so they can help treat and find cures for brain disorders.

The International Brain Bee

“The International Brain Bee was founded in 1998 by Dr. Norbert Myslinski with a mission to build better brains to fight brain disorders. [...] The competition promotes student engagement with neuroscience through a three-tiered competition: students start by signing up for a Local Brain Bee, the winners of which compete in their country's National Brain Bee. Every year, National Brain Bees send one representative to compete at the International Brain Bee world championship.”

First Brain Bee in Vietnam

The first-ever Vietnamese Brain Bee takes place in October 2020 at Kafnu at Saigon Pearl, Ho Chi Minh City. It was set up by a group of high school students from Vietnamese and American schools. The Vietnamese Brain Bee organizing team includes aspiring high school students, undergraduates, and well-known neuroscientists from Vietnamese universities.


Le Minh

A rising junior at The Lawrenceville School, Minh Le Tran is pursuing a pre-medical path through his interest in Biology and Psychology. To further his academic profile, Minh has masterfully completed two intensive summer programs at Brown and John Hopkins on Neuroscience and Human Physiology, respectively. He is the co-founder of Little Scientists - a club encouraging the Lawrenceville community to educate themselves on prevalent health issues through fruitful discussions and online platforms. Along with his fellow organizers, Minh created the first-ever Brain Bee HCMC in hopes of fostering a welcoming community of talented neuroscientists for driven highschoolers.

Nguyen Chau

Nguyen Chau is a rising senior at Saigon South International School (SSIS) and was a student at Tran Dai Nghia High School for the Gifted. She was awarded the 2018’s Lawrence S. Ting Scholarship as a distinguished Vietnamese student who has demonstrated a strong commitment to academic excellence and a willingness to serve others. Nguyen is interested in Psychology with a focus on Abnormal Psychology. At SSIS, she organized the first-ever Psychology workshop series on campus to alleviate mental stress of high school students. She has joined the Brain Bee team to satisfy her own passion for psychology and neuroscience as well as enabling young neuroscientists to deepen their understanding in the field.

Tony Khang Cao

Tony Khang Cao is a rising senior at Cranbrook Upper School pursuing pre-medical career path via Chemistry and Psychology. To pursue his passion, Tony leads a club at Cranbrook dedicated to providing a safe space for spreading awareness and discussing mental issues. He also completed a Psychology course at Tufts University to further his knowledge about the field. Upon joining Brain Bee, Tony hopes to create a community for aspiring young neuroscientists to foster their passions.

Le Vu Nguyen Tung

Marketing Director
Le Vu Nguyen Tung was the first Vietnamese international student to win the $150,000 presidential scholarship along with a coveted seat in the Leadership Honours Class, at Stevenson University in the United States. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, he decided to turn down the scholarship to make the best use of his opportunities in Vietnam, and is currently studying International Relations at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Ho Chi Minh City. Tung created the social marketing strategy for Brain Bee Vietnam and will host the event.

Tung is passionate about technology, data-driven marketing strategy and developing pathways to higher education for talented, aspirational young scholars in Vietnam.

You can join him in his "adulting" journey through the College Journey of Tung or his personal website (coming soon)



i-IVY is Vietnam’s premier college admissions consulting company. Counselors at i-IVY graduated from Ivy Leagues and comparable elite universities in the U.S. They also possess firsthand Ivy League admissions and Fortune 100 corporate experience. By adhering to the highest ethical standards, the company takes a holistic individualized approach in helping their students navigate the complex American college application process. Each of their counselors works with a very small group of students every year to provide them with the best personalized advice that will help them differentiate themselves in a highly competitive candidate pool.


PTNK STEAM Club (NKSC) is the official Science & Technology club of VNUHCM - High School for the Gifted (PTNK in short). The goal of NKSC is to build a diverse environment for PTNK students to explore scientific realms through intensive and high-quality activities. Since its birth more than 1 year ago, NKSC has organized nearly 20 events and activities including science fairs, field trips, workshops, training sessions, etc. With in-depth academic content, creative methods, and professional organization, NKSC members seek to support students from PTNK or from other schools in Ho Chi Minh City with research projects that involve working in laboratories or participating in academic competitions.


Psychub is a reputable organization with expertise in providing individuals, organizations, and communities with information and services regarding mental healthcare as well as researching, counseling & training about Psychology. In recent years, it has become a professional service complex with not only a counseling room for psychotherapy but also a professional psychological education and training system. Members of Saigon Psychub include specialists (trainers, clinical practitioners, counselors, psychologists, therapists, etc.) and consultants (clinical monitos, scientific researchers, management specialists, behavioral intervention specialists, etc.) Each of their psychologists constantly enhances their expertise in the field and complies with the standard professional ethics framework from the American Psychological Association (APA).

PARTNER #3: Brain Health Lab


Dr. Ha obtained her Ph.D. in Neuroscience from Stanford University, 2018. At Stanford, she investigated the molecular mechanisms and network deficits associated with autism and epilepsy. Upon returning to Vietnam, she established the Brain Health lab at the International University, Vietnam National University in Ho Chi Minh City. She is interested in studying neural disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease and stress-related illnesses using molecular biology, microfluidic platforms, artificial intelligence, MRI imaging and EEG. Dr. Huong is also passionate about introducing neuroscience to a wider audience in Vietnam, including K-12 students. The understanding of neuroscience will paradigm shift our mindsets in both daily life and education.


Mr. An Hong Nguyen is currently the Acting Head of Psychology Department at Hoa Sen University, Vietnam and is the main Consultant at Saigon Psychub, one of the most reputable, high-quality, and professional psychological services in HCMC. He received his Master’s degree in Science (Psychology) at Massey University, New Zealand. In addition to his experience as a professor, Mr. Nguyen also participates in many different projects to raise community awareness about mental health of target groups such as students, the elderly, the abused, etc. using Applied Psychology. Some of his research projects include “Teaching Psychology in Vietnam” (2020) and “Daily experience and psychological wellbeing of older people in Vietnam” (2018).