• From public/international high schools in Ho Chi Minh City
  • Be fluent in English (the official language of the IBB)
  • Be a student in Grade 9-12 (14-19 years old)
  • Be interested in how your brain works – you can find learning materials on our website!
  • No recording devices may be used at the competition during the question-and-answer period
  • Each Regional Brain Bee must have competitors from at least three different schools
  • Can only compete in one Regional Brain Bee per year
  • Can only compete once in the National Competition
  • Can only compete once in the International Competition


#1. Live Q&A

The judging panel will pose questions to groups of 3, occasionally with projected visual components. Students are given 10-15 seconds to write their answers. This section will be worth 40% of the final score.

Example 1: During an action potential, which ion channels are the first to open? (sodium channels)

Example 2: What is the brain’s most common inhibitory neurotransmitter? (GABA)

#2. Written test

A 45-question multiple-choice and short-answer exam, to be individually completed in 60 minutes. Some questions will involve data and graphical analysis and reasoning. This section will be worth 60% of the final score.

Example 1: What are the differences between declarative and nondeclarative memory? (Indicate 3)

Example 2: Label the missing structures on the following diagram of the ear.



Top 1
Amazon Fire Kindle HD
Internship position at Science lab of International University

Top 3 Amazon Fire Kindle HD

Top 10 Goodies


1st Place
$3,000 USD
IBB Championship Trophy (held for 1 year)
Summer Research Internship coordinated by SfN

2nd Place
2,000 USD

3rd Place
1,000 USD