• From public/international high schools in Ho Chi Minh City
  • Be fluent in English (the official language of the IBB)
  • Be a student in Grade 9-12 (14-19 years old)
  • Be interested in how your brain works – you can find learning materials on our website!
  • No recording devices may be used at the competition during the question-and-answer period
  • Each Regional Brain Bee must have competitors from at least three different schools
  • Can only compete in one Regional Brain Bee per year
  • Can only compete once in the National Competition
  • Can only compete once in the International Competition


#1. Live Q&A (1 hour, 15 questions)

The judging panel will pose questions to groups of 3, occasionally with projected visual components. Students are given 10-15 seconds to write their answers. This section will be worth 40% of the final score.

Example 1: During an action potential, which ion channels are the first to open? (sodium channels)

Example 2: What is the brain’s most common inhibitory neurotransmitter? (GABA)

#2. Written test (1 hour 10 minutes)

A 50-question multiple-choice and short-answer exam, to be individually completed. Some questions will involve data and graphical analysis and reasoning. This section will be worth 60% of the final score.

Example 1: What are the differences between declarative and nondeclarative memory? (Indicate 3)

Example 2: Label the missing structures on the following diagram of the ear.



First Place
$120 AirPods, 600,000VND cash, "How The Brain Works" book
Internship position at Science lab of International University. Brain Health Lab consists of Vietnam’s leading neuroscience researchers who seek to support future neuroscientists in Vietnam.

Second Place
$120 Airpods, “How the Brain Works” book and 300,000VND in cash

Third Place
$120 Airpods, “How the Brain Works” book and 100,000VND in cash

Top 10
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